Location: We'll be staying at Casa Du Velo, a cycling-specific hotel nestled in the Andes and right at the heart of Colombia's renowned coffee region. This location is perfect not just for cycling but also for immersing ourselves in the local culture, including visits to coffee farms and other points of interest.

Daily Schedule: Each day will start with a morning ride lasting until early afternoon, followed by a lunch break. Post-lunch, you can choose to relax or explore the surrounding area. The region offers excellent road and gravel routes, with an average elevation gain of about 150ft per mile.

Cycling Preferences: Let me know your preference regarding the type of cycling. If you're inclined towards gravel, which is great for avoiding traffic and exploring offbeat paths, your mountain bike could be perfect. However, if you prefer sticking to road cycling, that's absolutely fine too.

Support: Each day's ride will be accompanied by moto support for added safety and convenience.

Included: 6 nights of accommodation, daily moto support, select meals, a massage session, and airport transport to and from PEI.

Andean Cycling Adventure - Extended 2/6 - 2/12

Andean Cycling Adventure - Extended 2/6 - 2/12

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